Azqa Nadeem


6.E.040, Building 28, EEMCS,

Delft University of Technology,

The Netherlands

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Cyber Analytics Lab (Cyber Security group) at Delft University of Technology, advised by Dr. Sicco Verwer.

My research is about [Machine Learning for Cyber Security]. I aim to demystify machine learning for security analysts. To this end, I develop explainable sequential machine learning pipelines for several cybersecurity analysis tasks.

Next to research, I teach introductory Cyber Security to BSc. (Computer Science and Engineering) students. The teaching material can be found under Cyber Security Lecture Series.

Outside of work, I love landscape photography and traveling. I enjoy discussions about human psychology, devious behavior, cats, imposter syndrome, and… well… cats.

Recent news

11-2021 Co-organizing the Cybersecurity Next Generation (CSng 2021) workshop. :school:
08-2021 Presenting our paper on SAGE at the KDD AI4Cyber workshop. :scroll:
08-2021 Presenting a poster at the Machine Learning Summer School! :scroll:
06-2021 Our paper on SAGE has been accepted at VizSec as a short paper! :scroll:
03-2021 My photo entry about the concept Open won an award during Open Education Week. :trophy:

Selected publications

  1. AI+Sec
    Intelligent Malware Defenses
    Nadeem, Azqa, Rimmer, Vera, Joosen, Wouter, and Verwer, Sicco
    In AI+Sec: Artificial Intelligence and Security, 2021 (Forthcoming)
  2. VizSec
    SAGE: Intrusion Alert-driven Attack Graph Extractor
    Nadeem, Azqa, Verwer, Sicco, and Yang, Shanchieh J
    In Proceedings of the 18th IEEE Symposium on Visualization for Cyber Security (VizSec), 2021 (Forthcoming)
    Beyond Labeling: Using Clustering to Build Network Behavioral Profiles of
    Malware Families
    Nadeem, Azqa, Hammerschmidt, Christian, Ganan, Carlos H, and Verwer, Sicco
    In Malware Analysis Using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, 2021